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Customers have reported successful results from using Perrin’s Blend for possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, Actinic Keratosis, visually diagnosed Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer, Skin Tags, raised blemishes, abnormal lesions, cysts, moles, topical Staph Infection (MRSA), boils, Lichen Sclerosis lesions and warts.

This is how Perrin's Blend began ...

Testimony of Jim Perrin

'My Skin Lesion (visually diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma) Disappeared, 3 days before surgery it just fell off ...'

In January of 2000, a tiny flaky spot, which had been on my ear for several months, erupted into a black crusty sore the size and shape of a large kidney bean. Seeing no improvement after treating it with commercial ointments, I went to my family physician on February 18, 2000. At one glance he said he had  no doubt it was cancer ..... Click here to Read Full Testimony 

                                                         Click here to see the actual Doctor’s Report 


Natural, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant Skin Care

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An all natural ointment for skin lesions and abnormal skin growths.

Non-surgical, Non-invasive,


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2 Weeks Later


These pictures were emailed from a customer documenting the results from using Perrin’s Blend on possible Basal Cell Carcinoma.   

Results may vary from using our products.  Here at Perrin’s Products we cannot and do not guarantee results.  We cannot and do not diagnose ailments.  We can only report what others say our products have done for them, and in some cases get their testimony on video or in written from.  Since we began selling Perrin’s Blend in 2005 we have had a product return percentage rate of less than 1% or less than 1 in every 100 orders.

     †Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

      †All Skin cancer and especially Melanoma is dangerous.  We recommend seeing a doctor’s advice for treatment.

†None of the products sold on this website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  None of the products sold on this website are meant to cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.  Discontinue use of any product on this website if irritation occurs.  We do not suggest anyone use these products instead of seeing a licensed medical professional. 

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Grapes: Though it isn't clear to scientists just what makes grapes toxic to both cats and dogs, even a relatively small amount can damage the kidneys. For this reason it's unwise to feed these to your pet, even if small amounts are tolerated.
Grape/Raisin Toxicity in Dogs and Cats

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 What it Needs to be Healthy and Beautiful with
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Because of the success of Perrin’s Blend and continued customer inquiries, we have developed a line of products much of which is based on the same antioxidant formulations in Perrin’s Blend.  Perrin’s Blend is a thick, honey based,  burgundy ointment for use on a specific spot or lesion.  Customers have often asked about products for skin care that would have the same beneficial properties as Perrin’s Blend, but would be more for general use.   These new products consists of a cleansing facial mask, a body butter, a moisturizer, a lip balm, a face and body oil, a massage oil, and an herbal anti-itch salve.  All of these products are natural and contain no harsh chemicals, strange fillers, alcohol and no artificial anything.
AntioxidantFacial Mask & Scrub
Oil for Face & Body
Massage Oil Vitamin Enriched
Anti-itch Salve

Lip Balm-Antioxidant Enriched

·       Many skin care products on the market today contain harsh chemicals. All of Perrin SkinCare  products are 100% pure and natural.
·       Many skin products are petroleum and/or mineral oil based. We use beeswax, cocoa butter, cocoanut oil, and other healthy oils. 
·       Many skin products contain man-made perfumes and artificial dyes.  We use none of these -- color comes from grape seed extract, and/or beta carotene; fragrance is derived from natural aromatic oils such as peppermint, lemon, lavender or rosemary oils.
·       Many skin products, such as popular lotions, contain large amounts of water (sometimes as much as 90%).  Perrin’s Products puts no water in their skin blends.  Instead, for hydration we use nutritional ingredients like honey, pure aloe vera and vegetable glycerin.  (Why use water?  You can get water for your skin from a faucet!)  
·       Many skin products contain alcohol and/or chemical preservatives. We use natural preservatives  natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and pure honey. 
·       Many skin products use emulsifying agents with strange names that only a chemist can identify.  

       Ingredients in Perrin SkinCare are readily identifiable substances.
We, at Perrin Naturals, put nothing in our formulations that we feel 
would harm the outer skin or inner body, or that we would not use ourselves.
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Wholesome Skin Therapy
Breathe Relieve

Lip Guard

Massage Oil
Beauty Oil
Cool Cleanse

Below are pictures of Robert Barron, documenting a mole removal using Perrin’s Blend. He also gives his testimony in the video above.  Bob had purchased Perrin’s Blend to treat a mole he had on his right arm.  After two weeks of applying Perrin’ s Blend he didn’t see any results, became discouraged and discontinued the treatment.  Two or three weeks later the mole started to dry up and fall off.  He resumed treatment and the mole is now gone. 

The above is a picture of the mole before treatment.

Above and below are pictures of the the mole when it began to fall off.

Above and below are pictures of the mole after it had fallen off, after he resumed treatment.

Click here to see larger picturesCustomer_Testimonies.html
Silk Comfort
A Multi-Purpose Salve for Skin Repair, Massage,
& Make-up removal
A Highly Enriched Antioxidant Cream

Some of the Testimonies Received from Customers Using


These testimonies are from REAL people, and were emailed or sent to us by mail.  We have not corrected typos or changed anything they have written. (Some of testimonies involve the Creme Complete)

Concerning Possible Actinic Keratosis,  from Patzie in Maryland:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I love this stuff! I had another spot of actinic kerotosis growing on my forehead (I had one on my cheek removed by lasor 20+ years ago). It had grown to about a nickle/quarter in size. It was to the stage of where it is itching and scaling and was actually worse than the aforementioned one. Just one application, over night, and I could tell a difference. The scaliness was gone and it felt smoother. Now, almost a month later, and it's almost entirely gone. What a huge blessing to me! Thanks again. I will not hesitate to purchase the other cream for use on my entire face! This stuff is awesome! p

Concerning an Abnormal Skin Lesion, from Barbara in Massachusetts:

I received my Perrin's Blend and, frankly, was skeptical and cynical about the whole thing. There are so many scams out there for practically everything. But I was convinced I too had a squamus cell cancer growth, mine fitting the description perfectly of those of other people who had been diagnosed. I was researching it online trying to decide what to do and where to go (I am uninsured but for Medicare and have no primary care dr.) when I stumbled across your website. So I figured why not....give it a couple or three weeks and see what happens and then go to the emergency room.


I used it faithfully, exactly as instructed and WHOA!!! After two weeks it fell off and 10 days later all signs of it were gone. Nothing. No mark. No scar. Nothing. It's a miracle and I am grateful. Grateful for the success of the blend and grateful to you for creating and distributing it. So far there is no sign of it returning either. I'll never know if it was cancer now, I guess; but I do know with certainty that your Blend removed what EVER it was.


Thank you and God bless. Feel free to use this to help others.


Barbara, Massachusetts

Concerning a Lichen Sclerosus Lesion, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete,

from Roberta in Ohio

Hi Judy,

Just writing to let you know the Perrins Blend and Creme Complete works wonderfully.

I have a disease called Lichen Schelrosis, it is a disease of the skin that affects many women around the vulva area leaving lesions as it does it damage.  LS in itself does not cause Cancer but the Lesions it leaves behind can go into cancer and that was what happened to me over 2 1/2 years ago requiring extensive surgery in that area.  I was diagnosed with stage 2 Sqameous Cell carcinoma cancer and the doctor was able to remove all of that and was doing well till about a couple of months ago when I had noticed more lesions forming and not wanting to heal - that is the first sign that something is not right.  Not too anxious to go thru the surgery again I began looking and praying for God to lead me to something natural to use. I began searching websites for products and was drawn to your website twice.

I had called you and talked with you about the product.   I found out that no one else that you knew of had used the cremes in the area in which I was going to.  But I decided to try it anyway because  I knew it was all natural and nothing was in it that would hurt me.  So I ordered some Perrins blend and creme complete and proceeded to use the Perrins blend at night because it is a little guey. I used the Creme complete during the day when I went to work to keep the high antioxidents on it all the time.  To start with the Perrings Blend did burn quite a bit the first fifteenn minutes after applying.  There was an initial burning for about 2 weeks then the more I used it the  less it burned and I could feel that it was making the lesions smaller and it was like pieces of the lesion were starting to flake off and the terrible itching that is associated with LS was not as bad.  I had went to my Doctor during this time frame and he had scheduled me for a Biopsy and to remove the lesion on May 15th of this year.  I told him that the lesions were starting to feel better, it didn't hurt to touch them anymore and I wasn't sure it would be necessary for him to do that,  but he insisted we proceed so I agreed knowing that it would also give me piece of mind to know for sure that the cremes I had been using were in fact working .  May 15th the surgery and biopsies were done at the Cleveland clinic and he told me it would be 7 days before they knew.  On the 7th day I was anxious to know so I called and talked with the nurse and she said the tests came back and I was a number 1 on the scale  -     zero being normal skin, 1 being low moderate risk, 2 being medium moderate risk, 3 being high moderate risk and 4 being cancer.  The nurse also made the comment she was sure the cremes I had been using were definitely working because I had dropped 2 points from the other biopsies that had been taken in previous months.  She said if she were me she would keep using those cremes. Also  when I had went back for post op appointment she had made the comment again before she left the room that I should keep using the cremes that there was definitely an inprovement. This is also the first time in the 2 1/2 years that he is going to let me come back to see him in 6 months rather than every 3 months.

 You can use this on your website testimony postings if It will help someone else.  Cause it sure helped me and healing from the surgery was not so bad - it seemed to heal fast and I also attribute that to the cremes.  LS is a terrible disease and no one knows what causes it yet and I have been told that not enough people have it to be a priority in finding a cure. So thank goodness for good caring people like you and your family.  God Bless you!!


Roberta - Ohio

Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, from Brandie in Ohio


My name is Brandie. I am composing this testimony by my own free will, and not for capital or monetary  gain.  I have been struggling with Lichen Sclerosus probably longer than I can remember. But it became severe in January 2009.I had all the classic symptoms: Itching, scratching, burning, bleeding,the  toad skin, and white marks on my vulva.  I had become so distraught I often wondered if I could have my female parts removed all together. I had tried EVERYTHING. First it was yeast infection creams,then anti fungal cream,then hydrogen peroxide,then coconut oil, then antibiotic ointment with pain relief because the pain was so bad it hurt to walk.I ordered Emu oil,Ozonated olive oil,both of the last two would soothe the problem for a short while so I went to the dermatologist and was promptly prescribed steroid cream.This made the problem much worse. So in a final desperate attempt I saw an ad for Perrins Blend in a sidebar on a search engine. I figured "why not?" and to my satisfaction and utter amazement! within 3 short weeks there are little to no symptoms of what has wreak havoc on my life! I ordered the Perrins cream complete at the advisement of a nice man who took my order.  He indicated to me that the regular blend [Perrin’s Blend] may be too strong for my skin.  Well let me just say to all who are in doubt.  JUST TRY IT! PLEASE TRY IT! I ordered my first jar on October 20th 2009.  And today November 16th I have my body back!  I sleep at night! I can wear pants! I am not ashamed for my husband to touch me.I will never be able to show my gratitude in words for Roberta who originally pressed the issue to try it out on herself as a guinea pig.  She is an absolute angel for being so generous with her findings! I spoke with Mrs. Perrin today and expressed how grateful I am for her combining these ingredients and sharing them with the world.Her response was "We take no credit" " God helped us to create it." Now how many corporate companies or Dr's are humble in this way? I think we all know the answer.  I will forever be a customer.

God Bless.


Concerning Penile Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, from Steve in the UK.

O.K. So I was diagnosed with penile lichen sclerosis about 12 years ago. Initially I was prescribed topical steroid ointments which appeared to alleviate the condition but didn't eliminate it entirely. Problem was that continued use degraded the quality of the skin around my frenulum and promoted BXO (Balanitis xerotica obliterans) resulting in a narrowing of the penile opening and a tendency for tearing and lesions to occur during sex. This had a devastating impact on my marriage and made subsequent relationships difficult.

I gave up on medical interventions for this condition (To be clear: I am not denigrating medicine or drugs companies, I have many positive experiences of "conventional" drugs and medical interventions so this is not an endorsement of homeopathy, reiki, prayer, alternative therapies in general or any other kind of woo as a way of treating disease) so decided to research my problem, while treating it experimentally with benign topical and oral products.

I used a variety of moisturising preparations, including Aloe Vera, Emu Oil, non-allergenic intense moisturisers etc. all of which helped the immediate condition but did not improve the base condition. I finally alighted on a proprietary vitamin cream available in U.K health stores which on balance had the best result and I used that for some while to control the problem. Unfortunately that product became difficult to obtain and a chance reading of the effect of vitamin D3 on auto immune conditions made me aware that this was the one ingredient that was missing to date. I found Creme Complete while looking for a better alternative, ordered some and have now been using this for a few months.

This product has exceeded all expectations. Not only has it "managed" my condition, it has significantly reversed it. I no longer have difficulty retracting my foreskin, I do not suffer lesions or pain during sex, scarring and discolouration has reduced to the point where only I would notice where it used to be. In short I am back to normal and as close to cured as I ever hoped to be.

Please note: I am a scientist, a professional skeptic an atheist and fierce defender of rational thought and the scientific process. I have absolutely no evidence that Perrin's products will work for any other condition than mine. However I have no hesitation in recommending Perrin's Creme Complete to Lichen Sclerosis sufferers. My personal experience has been life changing and there is good reason to expect the ingredients have a genuine therapeutic effect on auto-immune diseases of the skin.

Hey Perrin's people, thank you, if you want to use this as an endorsement you are more than welcome.

-If you are considering purchasing our products for Lichen Sclerosis please read reports of other experiences on the Lichen Sclerosus page, as well as a written statement from Judy Perrin. 

-Please note that if you are only ordering one product for Lichen Sclerosus the we recommend the Creme Complete.

Concerning Basal Cell Carcinoma, From cle in Ohio:

A Few years ago a dermatologist removed a mole on my neck and as well as my leg.  A prescription of Retina was also given for a nodule on my nose which was diagnosed as Neurofibroma cyst.  (No biopsy's had been done).  The mole behind my ear had grown back, and the nodule on my nose became raised and began bleeding.

I went to a Cleveland Clinic doctor who diagnosed the mole behind my ear as Actinic Keratosis (a Skin Cancer), and the nodule on my nose as Basal Cell Carcinoma, in the end stage, when bleeding begins.  Once it reaches this stage, there is concern that it can enter the bone and do extreme nerve damage.  There was also a fingerprint sized spot on my forehead diagnosed as superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma.

The biopsy concurred the diagnosis and immediately scheduled an appointment for a Cleveland Clinic MOH surgeon.  They biopsy each skin layer until they reach a layer that does not contain cancer cells on the bottom.  They then proceed to do plastic surgery, laser surgery or skin grafting, depending on the depth and width of the site.

In the mean time , I found Perrins Blend on a web site when I was searching for information.  Between the pictures I saw, and the frightening stories that friends had shared with me I thought I would give this product a try.  I had five weeks until surgery, and the doctor said it would be okay to use since the product was all natural.  I gave the website and information I had printed to the doctor. 

I started using Perrins Blend on June 20th.  I saw a change occurring in a week or so.  July 16th was a follow up appointment and the doctor smiled and said "I see some healing taking place, there is definitely something happening in those area's".  We went ahead and cancelled the MOH surgery for now.  They scheduled another appointment on August 3rd.  That appointment the doctor looked under the magnifying light, and ran a finger across my nose saying there doesn't seem to be any lesion.  It appears to be healing.  There was a slight pink color that still remained from the biopsy.  I am extremely fair skinned, and all the blemishes, cold sores, scratches take a long time to heal. 

I use Creme Complete, due to the high content of antioxidants, as a post treatment a few times a week, as well as on the Keratosis and a few moles.  I see some improvement, but need to use more consistently.

I thank God for this healing, and for giving the Perrins the wisdom to develop a product that is helping so many others.

Being in a vulnerable state, Judy Perrin was a gracious, encouraging, compassionate lady whose Hearts desire is to truly see people healed.  I thank Jim, Judy, and James Perrin and pray health and success in their lives.


I give permission to use photo's and this testimony on your web site and printed form.

Below are pictures of the lesion on cle’s nose.  Click here to see larger pictures and to read the Doctor’s Report.

Click Here to read more Testimonials from using Perrin’s Blend.
Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth. -III John 1:2

These videos are in QuickTime Format.

(Click here to download QuickTime Player for free).

These videos are in QuickTime Format.

(Click here to download QuickTime Player for free).

Testimonies from Real people who have used Perrin’s Blend.

These testimonies are from real people who have used Perrins’s Blend on various kinds of skin lesions.  No compensation was given to any of these people for their testimony.  Their testimonies are unscripted and unrehearsed.

Push play to start the video

The video to the left is the testimonial of Jim and Judy Perrin.  Jim Perrin was the first person who used what is now called Perrin’s Blend. A black lesion on his ear had been diagnosed as Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer and he was scheduled for surgery.  After applying Perrin’s Blend for about 3 weeks the lesion was gone and the surgery was cancelled.

Click here to see actual the Doctor’s Reports

The video below is the testimony of Jim Perrin and the history of the development of Perrin’s Blend

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Creme Complete
Our Highest Antioxidant Cream, With Resveratrol and CoQ10.
Below are before and after pictures of extended use of Perrin’s Creme Complete.
Perrin’s Blend is a sticky, honey based, burgundy colored ointment that is used to treat specific lesions.  It can’t be easily spread over large areas.  The Creme Complete on the other hand is an antioxidant moisturizer that can be used over large areas of skin.  With extended use of the Creme Complete we have seen abnormal skin tissue, such as age spots, sun spots, and possible Actinic Keratosis peel away and return to healthy, normal looking skin. The Creme Creme Complete has also had an extremely positive effect on Lichen Sclerosus.  The pictures below are of a 66 year old woman.  The pictures were taken about 6 months apart. 
     -The red abrasions in the picture on the left were initially flat “age spots”.  After using the Creme Complete for 2 1/2 months they began to lift up, turn red, and peel away.  This is when the first picture was taken.  The second picture was taken 6 months later.
After extended use of the Creme Complete
Click here to learn more about the Creme Complete. Creme_Complete.html
Anti-itch Salve with Jewelweed

Concerning possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Janet in Australia (Capital Territory):

I first started searching the internet for the definition of BCC when I returned home one day from my general practitioner (GP) and she questioned as to whether the fleshy coloured growth that had appeared quite rapidly under my right eye was indeed BCC. She had only referred to it as this acronym and when I started searching the internet for the definition was quite startled to find it was a type of skin cancer. One of the very first pages that I found was the Perrin's Home Page, so I was quick just to jump on the band wagon and give a product which appeared to have quite high antioxidant properties a go. The moment I received it I applied it quite thickly and covered it with a small bandaid and left it there day and night. As it was the school holidays I was able to leave it on 24 hours a day, only uncovering it each morning to reapply. Within the first 24 hours, I noticed straight away that the skin coloured fleshy lump approximately 3x3mm had flattened some what and lost its puffy appearance. The changes that took place in the first week were quite astounding as it kept peeling away a layer at a time. My so called BCC was rapidly shrinking in size however I did have to return to work after a week so only applied the balm in the evenings and removed it each morning. The immediate changes were quite dramatic and the healing process was somewhat slowed down as I was only wearing it part of the day. But amazingly it has completely peeled away and healed and there is no longer any sign of there having been a growth under my eye.  This whole process did take about 10 weeks and sometimes I thought it would never go away, but finally it did. You'll never know how happy I am, my GP had referred me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed and biopsied. I was fairly traumatised by this thought as this lump was about 1cm under my eye in the really thin area of skin where a scar would not have healed so great and been that attractive. To this day, this is probably the only product that I have personally every p

urchased that actually did what it said it potentially could do and for that I will be eternally grateful. In this day of the www world we are potentially led down the garden path to buy so many things and not many are really what they are made out to be. This product saved me from having surgery on my face, directly under my eye. I have now returned to the web site to buy a face cream as I have no doubt it will assist me with the overall appearance of my skin.  I am now going to use the same Perrin's product [Perrin’s Blend] on 2 keloid scars where I had some moles lasered and they have overhealed causing uncomfortable keloid scars which are itchy, hard lumps. I will return to the website later in the year and report back on how these scars have healed.

Concerning a Keratosis and other Skin Lesions, From Mary Anne in Ohio:
I just want to tell you that your creme [Perrin's Blend] did what you advertised. I had a "keratosis"on my cheek that was removed by a doctor twice with silver nitrate. Perrin's blend removed it in a week. I had a growth on my forehead that had 4 'bubbles'. Perrin's blend removed it. Also 3 other red spots were removed. I now keep it and will try it on skin tags next. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.

Concerning Basal Cell Carcinoma and Rosacea, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete,

from Pamela

I have been faithfully using the Creme Complete twice a day on my face, and the Perin's Blend on my forearm and bridge of my nose daily. I had a rapidly spreading basel cell carcinoma on the bridge of my nose. Frankly, it did scare me a little as we do not have medical insurance and the prospect of have my face carved the way I scar was just not an option. I am happy to report the fast growing basel is now just a pin dot, and the two on my are are shrinking. I am so thankful to have found your site and products. I also deal with Rosacea, and the red bumps on my nose have completely cleared up. Many skin products have triggered the Rosacea flairs, so I am very limited on what I can use, and the Creme Complete is a super moisturizer and keeps my skin free of the rosacea flairs and skin cancers that could be.

Thanks again and again for putting such a miracle product in a jar.

-Several callers had asked the Perrins if anyone reported of successful results using Perrin’s Blend on a Basal Cell Cacinoma that had been biopsied.  When this customer called to order and said he was planning to treat a biopsied Basal Cell Carconoma, Judy Perrin asked him to call back with the results.  Below is his report.

Concerning Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Rob in Oregon

Dear Judy,

As promised, here is my email describing my great results from using your product:

I've had 5 skin cancers -- all confirmed by biopsy. The latest lesion, a basal cell cancer, was on my right ear. My dermatologist wanted me to do another MOHS surgery to remove it. I found your product on the internet, spoke to you (you were gracious and very informative) and ordered the Perrin's Blend.

I followed the instructions, and within a week I saw a significant reduction in the lesion. I continued applying the blend for a total of one month. I went back to the dermatologist and he confirmed that there is no sign of cancer -- in fact, no evidence of any problem at all.

A friend is now using your blend on a growth on his eyebrow. I will let you know his results.

You may use this email on your website.

Thanks again,


Concerning a Keratoma, from Donna

WHAT A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!  For 12 years I had a quarter sized “keratoma” in the hairline just above my forehead. No Dr would touch it, usually stating “more trouble than it’s worth to remove it”. Then I had chemotherapy and lost all my hair.  I HATED that huge bump more than ever, so I searched out a treatment.  I have used Perrin’s blend for 3 days.  The bump is now about DIME-SIZED and almost flat.  I know it will be gone soon. I am in awe of the product. It is a miracle!

Concerning possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Maureen in Texas:

Just wanted to let you know I used your product on 2 lesions and it seems to have healed them.  One was the size of the tip of my index finger, the other was much larger and very sore and bleeding. The larger was a about the size of a penny.  The 1st  week both sores seemed to almost shrink in size right away.  Then on the 3rd week a lot of redness filled the entire area and way out beyond the sore, I was a little concerned but kept it going until the end of the 3rd week.  Now both of them are feeling smooth but still a have a pinkish red color which keeps fading.  My 3rd week ended on the 9th of April and it is now May 11th.  I am buying more to start another group of them.  This time I am going to take pictures of the before and after to send in to you. 

 I have already been to a doctor and have had many of my lesions removed by a doctor, but decided to try something else since removal is very painful and costly when you have as many as I do.  All my lesions have so far been basal cell carcinoma. 

While doing the Perrins Blend I also took a Grapeseed extract 50mg that I got from my local drug store which I was told by Jim and Judy Perrin would help also.

The only problem I encounterd which didn't really bother me that much was the reddness and itching during the last week.   And also it was a little messy as it seems to melt on my skin and run a little bit, but I found just adding more bandage helped.

Thanks for all your help and prayers.

I will probably be buying more product as I need it.

Concerning A Lesion, From Bernard Illinois

After doing some internet research on a growth on my temple - I cam across your website and ordered Perrins Blend. after applying it for only a few days, I immediately noticed a change in the growth I was treating. It had definitely shrunk and was noticeably 'drier'. At about the one week mark, the lession simply 'slid' away like a soft scab exposing the now healthy skin underneath. I am now treating a couple of other facial irregularities and awaiting the results.

I'm not much for writing about products, but this was amazing. I know that the medical treatment would probably have been an expensive burning of the growth and that is not what I wanted. Anyway - great product.

Concerning Possible Skin Cancer,  from Bill in California:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Perrin:

I started using your blend for a skin lesion (possibly melanoma) some months ago and am finally getting back to you.  I had the lesion on my left shoulder and it was about the size of one half a lead pencil erasor.  After using Perrin's Blend for about 8-9 weeks I stopped for a week and after just 2 more weeks, it came off in the shower and has not come back.  I'll be using it again on a few more lesions that I have on my leg and back.

Thank you for a great product and God has blessed.

Concerning Actinic Keratosis, From Carlene in Texas:

I've got Actinic Keratosis (AK) in several areas on my body (chest, back of hands, legs, arms).  On 2 of the worse spots, I'm using the Perrin's Blend.  I think it's been about a week and I'm seeing improvement already on those 2 spots so I've started using it on a 3rd spot.    I've been trying everything from products the dermatologist has had me on to alternative remedies I found posted on a skin cancer forum without any luck so this improvement in just a week is great.  I'll let you know if I have complete success. I saw your posting on the skin cancer forum.  If I have success with this, I'll post my story there.

Concerning Skin Tags, From K.D. in Tennessee

Hi judy-

I purchased, after the recommendation, from len rossi's in brentwood, tn.

Ironically, after sending the email, I went outside, came in, showered and changed the band aid, the large skin tag fell off!  It appears as if there is still a tiny one under it that looks new but the old, big tag fell off!  So, I will continue until the small one drops off too.

I have an old, raised, scar tissue that I'm going to see if I can get to do the same!

Concerning possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Jim in Texas

Judy,  Your product (Perrins Blend)  has been a real blessing.  The first order for what I believe was a cancerous basil cell carcinoma.  Used the blend for probable 5 months on this, and removed the problem completely.  Had tried everything on this and was never able to do any good until your blend.  It had been forming for, I guess, two years.  Now, can't even tell where it was.  Then a few months ago a troublesome spot was felt on the back of my head, but could not be seen because it was under my hair.  Actually, have never been able to see this spot, but felt it wise to suspect it cancerous.  Had to have my wife shave hair arould this area, and began applying blend.  This spot is now almost gone, and feels so much better.  Funny thing about this spot.  Each time when blend was applied, after two or three hours, quite a bit of watery fluid would drain from the spot.  It has been doing this up until just recently.  Sorry, no pictures.  Happy to recommend Perrins Blend. 

May God bless you and James. 

Concerning possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, From F.B. in Illinois

Dear Judy and Jim,


I’ve used Perrins Blend for two weeks on a small area on my nose that I believe was a basal cell. it was not biopsied, but I’ve had several other basal cells in that area, so I was pretty sure. After only two weeks the skin has healed and looks great. This is an incredible product. I can’t thank you enough. The only alternative that has ever worked was Mohs surgery -- and what a deal that is!


You can be sure that I will tell others about this product. Thank you so much for producing it and making it available to the public.






P.S. You may publish this, but please just use my initials and state.

Concerning Actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP), involving the Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete, From Meredith in Australia

Dear Judy

A quick update for you.  I bought the Perrin's Blend ointment and Creme Complete from you over the phone (since I live in Australia) and it arrived mid-June.  The skin condition I have is Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP) which affects my arms and legs by causing reddish patches to appear in response to sun exposure and which have a slightly raised, rough/scaly surface.  I have been using both Perrin's creams and am pleased to report that I have seen some improvement! 

I put the Perrin's Blend burgundy ointment over a small number of the more obvious lesions and the Creme Complete everywhere else.  The PB has definitely helped - after around 1.5 wks, the lesions to which it was applied are now completely smooth and are a little paler in colour.  It is however messy to use as you say, and I have stained clothes & bed sheets as a result of the PB leaking around bandages despite thinking I had the ointment well covered.  But I will continue to use it....just with greater care!....since it seems to be working. 

My feeling is that I should use the PB on all the lesions initially for immediate improvement to get rid of the roughness (and to keep me motivated to persist because I am seeing results!) and follow that with long term use of the Creme Complete (preferably twice a day) which will hopefully help the remaining redness to fade away completely.  I will gradually work my way around my limbs like this - applying the PB to a small number of lesions, Creme Complete everywhere else, then once the PB has made the localised area of lesions smooth, use the CC on those, and start applying PB to other lesions.  It will take some time to work my way around my limbs - I have lots of lesions and the bandage size to cover them with limits the number I can apply PB to in one go (~5cm x 2-3cm is the largest suitable one I've found so far).

I will report back on progress.  If successful, I would be happy to become an Australian distributor for the products should you need one - personally I would rather buy from somewhere locally than online and perhaps that is the same for others.

Concerning Actinic Keratosis, From Ross

Dear Jim and Judy


                    I wanted to let you know, I used your Perrin's Blend on a Actinic Keratosis on my left ear. I had been treated by an M. D. with liquid Nitrigen it made the keratosis fall off, but in a matter of days it was back.I got your Perrin's Blend on Jun 25 - 08 used it as directions said with oral grape seed extract twice a day keratosis fell off in 5 days, I continued using the Perrins Blend on the spot for another 4 days just for good measure. The keratosis has not returned.


                       Perrin's Blend is a great product. You should secure a patient, and market it world wide.              


                                                                         Thanks - God Bless



Click here to read a hand written testimony concerning possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, Age Spots, and a Rash, involving Perrin’s Blend, Creme Complete, and Itch-Eeze, from Gracie in Montana.

Before using Perrin’s Blend after a biopsy had been preformed on the lesion.

After using Perrin’s Blend

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